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Heirloom apple varieties are gems in NY orchards

October 11, 2017

Times Union

Defining what makes an apple "heirloom" — and deciding when it's simply old, or pocked, misshapen or colored outside the norms of commercial apple production — is open to debate, even within the apple community.

"The term 'heirloom' is in the eye of the beholder," said Julia Stewart, spokeswoman for the New York Apple Association.

Gone Since 9/11, Greenmarket Returns to World Trade Center

June 29, 2017

NY Times

It had been nearly 16 years since this part of Lower Manhattan had seen a farmers’ market like this. Bunches of dried and fresh lavender. Vodka made from locally grown purple potatoes. Hand-spun maple syrup cotton candy. And rows and rows of geometrically stacked root vegetables: watermelon radishes, turnips, red beets, yellow beets, rainbow chard, mustard leaf, at least three different varieties of kale.

The morning of June 20 was the first since Sept. 11, 2001, that vendors officially returned to the area where the once-renowned World Trade Center market operated.

Local corn maze open for fall season

September 21, 2016


With the fall season just a week away from beginning, a popular corn maze is back for the public to enjoy.

Samascott Orchards corn maze is located at its garden market in Kinderhook at 65 Chatham Street, off of Route 9. This year the maze is in the shape of a cat.

Upstate New York - Farm & Table - Balanced Living at it's Best

August 1, 2016

When most of us think of New York our immediate thoughts likely conjure up images of the Manhattan skyline, or the hipstars of Brooklyn. We may also think of folks rushing about, honking taxis, sliced Pizza, late night concerts and crowded subways. But travel just 1 to 2 hours North or ‘Upstate’ of the ‘Big Apple’ and you’ll find ‘Real Apples’ growing from ‘real’ trees.

The Hudson Valley's Coolest Ice Cream Treats

August 1, 2016

Sweet Corn Ice Cream, Samascott’s Garden Market

Visit Samascott’s Garden Market and enjoy the taste of summer with ice cream made from one of the season’s most abundant crops—corn! The Sweet Corn flavor is made on-site from fresh kernels grown and cut from the cob right at the farm.

Fruit crops threatened by deep freeze

April 7, 2016


The most significant snowfall Columbia and Greene counties saw this year came 16 days into spring.

And with the storm came cold temperatures — so cold that fruit farmers in the Twin Counties are cautiously concerned. Temperatures in the area were actually at their lowest the morning after the storm.

The National Weather Service reported a record low of 14 degrees at 5:44 a.m. Tuesday in Albany and a low of 10 degrees at 5:29 a.m. in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Region the Napa Valley of Hard Cider?

October 16, 2014

With hard cider making a hardcore comeback across the country, apple growers are tapping a juicy new revenue stream by establishing farmstead cideries and planting varieties too tart or tannic for the lunchbox but perfect for smashing and fermenting into distinctive artisanal brews.

Tasting a Snapdragon

October 8, 2014

Because apples/autumn/upstate: We finally got a chance to try a Snapdragon apple, one of the new varieties publicly announced last year after being developed at Cornell. We picked a few of them up at the Samascott farm store in Kinderhook.

Wedding Fun and a Trip to the Apple Orchard

October 3, 2014

Talk about a fantastic weekend!

The weekend got to be an extra day long, thanks to my friend Eileen’s wedding that was on Friday (I’ll tell ya, that totally threw me off all weekend, but in a good way!).

Raspberries Are Irresistible And Almost Too Beautiful To Eat — Almost

September 30, 2014

One of the many nice things about these ruby red raspberries from Samascott Orchards is that they are a reminder of the beautiful summer we had this year. This seasonal crossover fruit softens the blow of returning to school and focusing on work again in the fall.


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